SEASS/SEAES Engagement

SEASS and SEAES stand for ‘Socio-economic Analysis of the Scottish Solway’, and ‘Socio-economic Analysis of the English Solway’ respectively.

These socio-economic reports were needed in light of socio-economic changes impacting the Solway Firth, and also for the purpose of populating the productive chapter of the Solway Review.



These two projects were both undertaken by EKOS and were completed in early 2020. EKOS created the SEASS and SEAES reports in addition to a chapter summary for each report and a one page overview summary for each report. All of these documents are available on Solway Firth Partnership’s website.

EKOS consulted with a variety of organisations in order to add to the data and information used within the SEASS and SEAES reports. A list of stakeholder organisations consulted in the creation of these reports are detailed below.

The SEASS and SEAES reports have been used to populate the ‘Productive‘ chapter of the Solway Review.


Image; Port of Workington. © Solway Firth Partnership.

Please find below the list of stakeholder organisations consulted with by EKOS in preparation of the Socio-Economic Assessment of the Scottish Solway (SEASS) and Socio-Economic Assessment of the English Solway (SEAES). Solway Firth Partnership and EKOS would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to the following organisations that contributed to the SEASS and SEAES reports.


SEASS Report;


SEAES Report;


Image; Mull of Galloway Fog Horn. © G. Reid/ Solway Firth Partnership