Healthy and Biologically Diverse

This chapter includes information on all the biological components of the Solway Firth and their recent trends and pressures. The Solway is host to a vast array of biodiversity covering plant life, marine species, and land-based species. Features are present in the Solway due to suitable habitat and all contribute to the Solway ecosystem.


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Topics covered;

Image; Shells on the Solway Coast. © G. Reid/ Solway Firth Partnership

Healthy and Biologically Diverse


It is important to note that these sections do not exhaustively list every single species located within or which visits the marine and coastal environment of the Solway Firth.

There are large numbers of animal and plant species in and around the Solway Firth, due to the wide variety of habitats. It is not possible to go into the detail of every animal and plant species, along with occasional visitors etc, within the current review. It can be technically challenging to record species in the Solway, although with new technology, surveys, and recording techniques, there is the potential for more accurate reporting on species.


Image; Honeycomb Worm Reef © N. Coombey/ Solway Firth Partnership