Join a Beach Clean in Wigtownshire

The group Oceans Need Us South West Scotland have organised two beach clean activities for September. The beach cleaning group will be carrying out a mini Beach Clean at Stranraer Harbour.  If you are interested in joining the event meet at 10.00am on Saturday 8 September at Stranraer Harbour. A Dumfries and Galloway Council Ward Event is… Read more »

New Guidelines for Marking Static Gear

Marine Scotland is issuing guidelines which set out best practice for marking static gear. In December 2015, the Cabinet Secretary announced recommendations on dealing with gear conflict.  These included looking at good practice and possible legislative changes to the marking of static gear inside 12 nautical miles. Marine Scotland (MS) is therefore issuing guidelines which set out best practice… Read more »

New research to improve monitoring of wild salmon stocks. in Scotland

Young salmon populations will be mapped out through the first-ever national electrofishing survey, which will provide a statistically robust  measure of their numbers across Scottish rivers. Between July and September biologists and volunteers will carry out electrofishing as a method of capturing and counting fish at more than 800 randomly selected sites across 27 regions… Read more »

First Scottish Symposium on Potential Interactions of Marine Renewable Energy and Seabirds

Marine Scotland is holding the first Scottish Marine Energy Research (ScotMER) Programme Symposium: Potential Interactions of Marine Renewables and Seabirds. Marine Scotland’s ScotMER programme is supporting the Scottish Government’s ambitions for sustainable offshore renewable energy developments in Scotland’s seas. The First ScotMER symposium focuses on Scotland’s seabird species and will showcase recent research and new… Read more »

Prime Minister Announces new Environment Bill

The Prime Minister has announced that the Government will bring forward the first Environment Bill in over 20 years. This builds on the 25 Year Environment Plan, setting out what they are doing to improve the environment for the next generation. The new Bill will incorporate action on air quality into a wider Environment Bill… Read more »

Scottish Entanglement Alliance Seeks to Interview Fishermen

Fishermen are being asked to participate in short informal interviews to to capture fishermen’s knowledge and experience of entanglements. Launched in June 2018, the Scottish Entanglement Alliance (SEA) is a partnership between six organisations dedicated to promoting and protecting Scotland’s wildlife, heritage and sustainable marine industries. Initiated by the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation (SCFF), SEA will… Read more »

Call for Entries to North West Awards for Coastal Excellence 2018

The North West Coastal Forum has just announced a call for entries to the North West Awards for Coastal Excellence 2018. The North West Coastal Forum is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the 5th North West Awards for Coastal Excellence – a biennial award scheme established in 2010. The aim of the… Read more »

SEPA Consults on Stakeholder Engagement for Third River Basin Plan

The Solway Tweed’s third river basin management plan has to be finalised by December 2021. The Statement of consultation steps document sets out what SEPA and the Environment Agency will do to engage stakeholders in the preparation of this plan. SEPA and the Environment Agency share responsibility for river basin management planning for the Solway Tweed river… Read more »

Consultation on “Sustainable fisheries for future generations”

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is inviting views on their proposals for the forthcoming Fisheries Bill and on their future vision for sustainable fisheries policy. The Fisheries White Paper sets out the scope of Defra’s proposed new approach to fisheries management. Their aim is to build a vibrant and sustainable UK… Read more »

Improving protection given to Priority Marine Features outside the Marine Protected Area network

Marine Scotland commissioned Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to identify locations where there is a need to consider additional management for bottom contacting mobile fishing gears to ensure there is no significant impact on the national status of Priority Marine Features (PMF) within the 6 nautical mile (NM) limit. Marine Scotland and SNH identified 11 habitats… Read more »