Beach Clean Map

We are trialing the use of this beach clean map to help you plan your beach cleaning activities. If you find it useful or have any comments for improvement please let us know using this link, or in our social media pages. Alternatively, email us at:

How to use the Beach Clean Map

Discover the location of recent beach cleans (squares in circles – the color will depend on when it took place).
As well as upcoming events (green stars).
To see the legend for the map click the square with the arrow on it at the top left.
To find out about individual beach cleans click on the markers.

You can use this to help you plan your own beach clean or find out where you can join one.
Find contact details for groups running public events by clicking the markers on the map.

Why not get together with a group of friends or colleagues and spend some time on the coast seeing what beach litter you can pick up. If you would like further help in setting up or organising your own group please get in touch with us on Remember to let us know how you got on – we love to see photographs of your finds.

plastic beach litter

You can return to the main page on getting involved here. Or, find out more about other projects and beach litter in general by heading to the main Marine Litter page here