Registration Open for Scottish Fishing Conference 2020: From Innovation to Action

With a persistent limelight on our sea fisheries and marine environment, the emergence of new technologies, climate impacts, and a growing understanding of the role fishers, scientists and communities play in fisheries management – we’re at a pivotal moment for Scottish seafood. Fishing Innovation Scotland believes that innovation is the key to releasing the untapped… Read more »

North West Coastal Forum urge sectors to engage in draft English NW Marine Plans Consultation

Draft North West Inshore and Offshore Marine Plans have been produced by the Marine Management Organisation in England. The North West Coastal Forum has produced a range of posters that provide more information to help you respond to the public consultation on the draft plans. Fishers can learn more – download Poster_Fishing If you sail… Read more »

Two vacancies available in fisheries management with NWIFCA

NWIFCA is lead regulator protecting the inshore marine environment and fisheries in NW England. NWIFCA District extends from the Welsh border in the south to the Scottish border in the north and seawards out to 6 miles. Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Advisor (Based in Carnforth) Working in a Team of 4 under the direction of the… Read more »

Sea-Changers Launches Coastal Fountain Fund

Sea-Changers is pleased to launch a new fund for the provision of water bottle refill fountains Sponsored by BUNZL plc).​ The projects funded will achieve the following objective: To prevent or reduce negative impacts on UK coastal and marine environments and species by reducing marine litter, through the provision of well located coastal water fountains… Read more »

Dumfries and Galloway Regionwide Coastal Benefit Fund – Now Open

Dumfries and Galloway Council was recently allocated a share of the net profits from the Scottish Crown Estate’s marine assets which totals just over £309k for the region. At the Council’s Communities Committee on 10th December 2019, Elected Members agreed to establish a ‘Regionwide Coastal Benefit Fund’ to invest this funding in our coastal communities… Read more »

Online Fisher Survey on Recycling Fishing Gear in Scotland

Marine Scotland are collecting information to inform the design of a recycling scheme for fishing gear. In addition, a better understanding of the scale of quantity of material that requires disposal will be invaluable when it comes to implementation of European Directives relating to waste management in the future. A Marine Waste Researcher is currently… Read more »

Year of Coasts & Waters 2020 MicrO Local Area Grants

In 2020, Scotland celebrates its Coasts and Waters with a year-long programme of events and activities which will shine a spotlight on these vital elements of our landscape. From our beautiful natural features including coasts, lochs and rivers to our industrial heritage such as our canals and mills, Scotland’s Coasts and Waters have shaped our… Read more »

Marine Climate Change Impacts: Report Card 2020

The Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership have just issued the Report Card for 2020. The Report Card 2020 summarises the latest evidence from 26 topics regarding the physical, ecological, and social and economic impacts of climate change on UK coasts and seas. New topics for this year include oxygen, cultural heritage, and transport and infrastructure…. Read more »

Challenges and Choices Consultation – Environment Agency

Water keeps us alive, drives our economy and sustains wildlife. Our rivers, lakes, canals, coasts and groundwater, and the essential services they provide society, are worth billions of pounds to the UK economy. However, wildlife and the benefits we get from our waters are threatened by the damage we are causing through development, industry, flood… Read more »

Replacement of European Structural Funds post EU-Exit: consultation

If the UK leaves the EU it will no longer receive European Structural Funds. The purpose of these funds is to “invest in job creation and a sustainable and healthy European economy and environment.”. In Scotland, they have played a vital role in reducing disparities between different parts of the country for over 40 years…. Read more »