Severn Estuary Partnership Manager

The Severn Estuary Partnership is looking for a Partnership Manager available to start immediately. Are you passionate about working with people to make a positive difference for the future of the Severn estuary? An exciting new opportunity has become available for an enthusiastic Partnership Manager to join the Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP) team. SEP is… Read more »

Help LOVEmyBEACH tackle coastal pollution

Help LOVEmyBEACH tackle coastal pollution. LOVEmyBEACH are calling on all regular beach users to help identify and report signs of coastal pollution, in order to prevent it damaging our North West coastline. Coastal pollution has the potential to harm our beaches, seas and wildlife. Various sources of pollution can impact bathing water quality and the… Read more »

Solway Review Launched

The Solway Review website is now live! The SMILE (Solway Marine Information, Learning, and Environment) Project has been working to design and populate the online Solway Review, an update to the 1996 Solway Review, and in the same style as Scotland’s Marine Atlas and Clyde Marine Region Assessment. The SMILE Project (funded though the European Maritime Fisheries Fund administered… Read more »

Solway Photo Series Launched

The SMILE project is launching an exciting new photo submission section of the project on social media! The SMILE project is looking for YOU to submit your images from around the Solway for inclusion in a special section of the new Solway Review. There are so many astonishingly talented amateur photographers around the Solway Firth… Read more »

Clyde Marine Planning Partnership Co-ordinator Vacancy

Clyde Marine Planning Partnership is advertising for a new Coordinator. NatureScot is recruiting for a post to support the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) during finalisation of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan (CRMP). For more information visit NatureScot

Join our Coastal Conversation on Dynamic Dunes on the Solway Coast

Join our FREE Coastal Conversation on Dynamic Dunes on the Solway Coast at 6.3pm on Thursday 25 February. Sand dunes are one of the most important habitats in Europe, and under huge threat from damage, destruction and loss of wildlife. This FREE online session will look at how these special places are being managed across… Read more »

New £7.75 million Seafood Producers Resilience Fund Launched in Scotland

A new £7.75 million funding package will offer support to fishermen, seafood businesses and ports and harbours in Scotland threatened by the ongoing effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) and EU Exit. The package includes: £6.45 million for the Seafood Producers Resilience Fund which will provide support to eligible shellfish catchers and producers, in addition to trout… Read more »

Bass Fishing Guidance Updated

Bass fishing guidance in the UK has been updated. The current Bass Measures 2020 as per Article 10 of Council Regulation (EU) will carry over on 1 January 2021. Landings limits in 2021 will provisionally stay the same until further notice into the new year, once annual negotiations for 2021 have been completed, and any implementation steps… Read more »

SEPA Consultation on Draft Solway Tweed River Basin Management Plan

SEPA are running a consultation on their draft Solway Tweed River Basin Management Plan. SEPA are asking for your feedback on the updated aims and actions to protect and where necessary, improve the water environment in the Solway Tweed River Basin District. Your responses to this consultation will help ensure that the actions and approach… Read more »

NWIFCA Consultation on Minimum Conservation Reference Size Byelaw

The NWIFCA have now opened a consultation on the minimum conservation reference size byelaw. The byelaw, described in NWIFCA Byelaw 1 has been approved and made by the Authority. In accordance with Defra’s byelaw making process the Authority must now advertise the byelaw and provide a consultation period of 1 month before it can be… Read more »