Month: July 2023

Have Your Say on Maryport Boardwalk

Have Your Say on Maryport Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is the latest regeneration project to begin in Maryport and is a small but key part of the projects which are happening there. This new stretch of pathway being created by Cumberland Council will join the town’s promenade and harbourside crossing the sandy area known locally as… Read more »

Whale & Dolphin Watch at Mull of Galloway

Whale & Dolphin Watch at Mull of Galloway on Monday 31 July, 11am to 3pm. Take part in the annual community science event at the Mull of Galloway as part of National Whale and Dolphin Watch. Sightings will be used to create a ‘snapshot’ view of what can be seen in our UK coastal waters… Read more »

Whitehaven Harbour secures seventh ‘Seabin’ to capture marine waste

Whitehaven Harbour secures seventh ‘Seabin’ to capture marine waste. Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project has already secured the installation of 6 of the ocean-cleaning Seabins and last week they installed the 7th. Several young people from the youth project had identified the need to address the issue of litter entering the marina in Whitehaven Harbour. During… Read more »

Volunteer for Coastal Heritage Surveys at Loch Ryan

Coastal Heritage Surveys at Loch Ryan, 8 – 13 August. The SCAPE Trust  is looking for volunteers in the Stranraer area to join them in coastal heritage surveys of Loch Ryan between 8-13 August. The walks will cover two stretches between Wig Bay and Leffnoll Point. Each walk is around 6km over varying terrain. During the walks… Read more »

Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Extends

Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Extends. Just over ten years since Galloway & Southern Ayrshire was designated Scotland’s first UNESCO Biosphere, a global delegation of UN officials announced the renewal of the site’s UNESCO status for a further ten years.  This is in recognition of its pioneering achievements in sustainable development and supporting global climate… Read more »

Scottish Solway Cockle Survey Taking Place

Scottish Solway Cockle Survey Taking Place. The Solway cockle fishery closed in 2009 due to low stock levels primarily caused by overfishing. At its height in 1991, over 5,000 tonnes a year with a first-sale value today of over £5m, were harvested. The last full Solway cockle survey was undertaken over 7 years ago in… Read more »

£20.8 million funding boost for the Scottish fishing industry

£20.8 million funding boost for the Scottish fishing industry. The UK Government has just announced the latest Scottish projects to receive investment from the £100 million UK Seafood Fund. A total of £18.7 million is being awarded to 10 projects across Scotland through the Infrastructure Scheme to improve capability at ports, harbours, processing and aquaculture… Read more »

UK Fisheries Management Plans Published

UK Fisheries Management Plans Published. The first six Fisheries Management Plans for bass, king scallops, crab and lobster have just been published. The management plans – developed together with industry and anglers over 18 months – deliver commitments from the Fisheries Act 2020 and will help to build a modern, resilient fishing industry while securing… Read more »

MMO Recruiting 3 Marine Planners

MMO Recruiting 3 Marine Planners. The Marine Management Organisation is currently recruiting three Marine Planners. Marine Planners contribute to the development and delivery of marine plans in England. The Marine Planning Team is looking for three Marine Planners, each with a speciality in the following areas: Renewables Coastal Planner Coordination Data and Analysis Marine Planners… Read more »

Marine Conservation Advice for Allonby Bay HPMA Published

Marine Conservation Advice for Allonby Bay HPMA Published. This update highlights the publication of a Marine Conservation Advice package for Allonby Bay Highly Protected Marine Area (HPMA) in July 2023 and offers you the opportunity to send comments/feedback or suggest new relevant information. Please send your comments to the Natural England HPMA mailbox ( by Friday… Read more »