Wind Power

The UK is currently a world leader in offshore wind energy, with renewable energy targets being sought predominantly through increased renewable wind energy installations.

We want to help stakeholders gain new insights and information about these renewable energy generators especially in the marine environment.

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As part of this section, and in order to provide the reader with another perspective from offshore wind farms ScottishPower Renewables has provided us with a video of their new site for offshore wind power.

Take a closer look at one of the UK’s newest offshore wind farms East Anglia One in the video, link below. This wind farm is now fully operational, as of July 2020, and is far larger than the Robin Rigg Wind Farm located in the Solway. When built Robin Rigg had an installed generating capacity of 180MW (it now has a capacity of 174MW after two turbines were removed) whereas the generating capacity of East Anglia One is 714MW.

Take a look at the video here.