Consultation on Allonby Bay Candidate Highly Protected Marine Area

Consultation on Allonby Bay Candidate Highly Protected Marine Area

Allonby Bay is an inshore candidate HPMA situated in the Irish Sea, covering the southern region at the mouth of the Solway Firth and extends approximately 8km seaward from the shoreline between
Maryport and Mawbray.

Allonby Bay consists of a mix of habitats, characteristic of an environment that is subject to dramatic currents and tides. The seabed here consists of a range of rocky habitats and sediment
dominated habitats, including mudflats, sandbanks, reefs, peat and clay exposures, and biogenic reefs.

The nutrient-rich sediments, dense mussel beds and intertidal rocky habitats in this area attract large densities of shore birds including species such as curlew and oystercatcher. The biodiverse subtidal
habitats here provide a food source for fish species, such as flat fish and nursery areas for other species such as bass, cod and herring. In turn, these fish species attract diving, foraging seabirds including guillemots, gannets and razorbills.

Within the candidate HPMA is part of one of the best examples of honeycomb worm reefs in the UK. Honeycomb worms create a complex sediment network of tubes attached to rock, which provides vital
habitat for a range of species including crabs and molluscs.

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