Month: May 2021

New Entrants to Fishing Funding

New entrants to fishing will be able to apply for funding towards the purchase of a second hand fishing vessel. The support is being made available through Marine Fund Scotland (MFS), with young fishers under the age of 40 able to apply for up to 75% of the purchase of an existing vessel with a… Read more »

Local Notice to Mariners in Southern Loch Ryan

Local Notice to Mariners in Southern Loch Ryan taking place from now until 5 June 2021. An academic institution is conducting diving operations until 5 June as part of research in to oyster habitats. The mother ship for diving ops will be the oyster fishery vessel MFV Vital Spark. A support RIB will also be… Read more »

Still Time to Comment on Scotlands National Marine Plan Review 2021

There is still time to comment on Scotland’s National Marine Plan Review 2021. The National Marine Plan was published in 2015. It sets out the Scottish vision for clean, healthy, safe, productive and diverse seas, managed to meet the long term needs of nature and people. In accordance with the Scottish and UK legislation, there… Read more »

Invasives Week Starts Today!

Invasive Species Week is taking place in the UK from today, 24 May to 30 May, and Tuesday 25th covers all things marine.  There are lots of online webinars, events and training organised for the week all across the UK and Ireland, which you can find more information on through the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat.  Some further Scotland-specific information… Read more »

UK Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme

UK Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme Material consumption in Scotland is responsible for over two thirds (74%) of Scotland’s carbon footprint. More than 10 million tonnes of packaging waste is produced in the UK every year. Currently a significant amount of packaging waste ends up in landfill, two thirds of which could instead be recovered…. Read more »

Protecting Our Planet Funding Available for D&G Youth

Protecting Our Planet Funding Available from the Holywood Trust for Dumfries and Galloway Youth. The Holywood Trust would like to support young people locally who are interested in Climate Change and is looking to fund initiatives which engage young people in Dumfries & Galloway – this applies to individuals, groups of individuals and organisations supporting… Read more »

Creel Marking Order Reminder from Marine Scotland

Creel Marking Order reminder from Marine Scotland. Marine Scotland is reminding fishers that creels deployed must have one or more marker buoy attached with the vessels’ PLN clearly displayed.  Marker buoys must be specifically designed for the marking of equipment in the water. Fleets of 10 or more creels must have one or more marker… Read more »

Consultation on River Basin Management Plan for the Solway Tweed

SEPA are carrying out a consultation on the River Basin Management Plan for the Solway Tweed. SEPA is asking for your feedback on the proposed update to the Solway Tweed river basin management plan. Your responses to this consultation will help ensure that SEPA and the Environment Agency coordinate work to ensure the updated plan… Read more »

Sea-Changers Announces Launch of a New Fund

Sea-Changers have announced the launch of a new fund to encourage and support new ideas and projects for marine conservation in the UK. The aim of the Sea-Changers Innovation Fund is to support innovative marine conservation approaches and solutions. Sea-Changers recognises that by its very nature, innovation is risky and unpredictable in terms of impact… Read more »

FREE Sea Angling Diary Mobile App!

The Sea Angling Diary Project is for UK sea anglers to help improve the sustainable management of marine stocks and demonstrate the value of sea angling. The project is delivered by Substance and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) on behalf of all the UK governments and devolved administrations. It helps report… Read more »