Marine Litter and Education

Solway Firth Partnership are working with The Rotary Club of Dumfries Devorgilla and other partners on a wide range of projects to bring marine environment issues to the attention of their local community. We provide schools, colleges and youth organisations in Dumfries and Galloway with a range of beach cleaning equipment and learning resources. The resources offer topic based cross curricular learning for Sustainable Development Goal 14 Life Below Water.

The Solway Sea Chest with activities based on “A Message in a Bottle”. The Solway Sea Chest contains plastic materials found on beach cleans, as well as natural strandline finds together with suggestions for activities, fact sheets and teachers notes . These will promote engagement with and discussion of the issues surrounding pollution, marine litter and single use plastics. In addition, there will also be a range of useful books and information sheets with links to other on-line resources and videos. The lessons will link to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence contributing to a range of Experiences and Outcomes. Likewise, it will cover the Eco-schools International Programme topics ‘Litter’ and ‘Marine’. The Sea Chest is designed to be used by Primary school  and early senior school age pupils.

A new literacy activities booklet has been developed with Waste Stories to explore the issue of plastic pollution inspired by  the Solway Hoard from a Plastic Age exhibition created by Museum of the FutureNow. The activities include detective work and creative work and invite you to think for yourselves about how our own age might be understood by future generations. The Solway Hoard activities are designed to be used by upper Primary school and senior school age pupils.

Teaching Resources for the Solway Sea Chest

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