Government policy is to increase the amount of energy the UK gets from low-carbon technologies including offshore renewables.

The 60 turbine Robin Rigg offshore wind farm constructed by E.ON Climate and Renewables in the Solway Firth began generation in April 2010. The site lies in Scottish waters approximately 14km from the nearest land at Balcary Point in Dumfries and Galloway.

In 2015 two turbines had to be removed when they became unstable. By the end of 2016, Robin Rigg had received upgrades to the turbines’ foundations, blade maintenance and two gearbox exchange campaigns. The turbines have now been operational for almost nine years.

The Solway Firth has also been assessed as a potential site for capture of tidal energy. Schemes of different scales and form have been proposed but to date economic and environmental issues have prevented them from being implemented. The Solway Energy Gateway company has been working on development of tidal and hydro energy technology and examining the feasibility of its application in the Solway Firth for a number of years.

A short report has been produced which highlights the different types of renewable energy that might be suitable for the Solway – Solway Renewable Framework

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