Month: March 2022

Crown Estate Scotland Policy Officer Vacancy

Crown Estate Scotland now has a vacancy for a Policy Officer. Join the Crown Estate Scotland (CES) policy team to provide support across a range of projects and workstreams including grant-making, coordinating research, policy development, statutory assessments and working with our new Children and Young People’s Forum. The successful candidate will have the chance to… Read more »

Crown Estate Scotland Seeks a Chief Executive

Crown Estate Scotland Seeks a Chief Executive. Crown Estate Scotland (CES) is looking for an inspirational leader to appoint as their next Chief Executive. This role is for someone with an outstanding track record of effective strategic leadership, securing multi-million pound investments, and ably managing an organisation’s ongoing growth and expansion. Working closely with the… Read more »

MMO Fisheries and Seafood Scheme Relaunch

The Fisheries and Seafood Scheme will relaunch in April, continuing to provide support to England’s seafood sector, coastal communities and marine environment. The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) will relaunch the Fisheries and Seafood Scheme (FaSS) in April. This will continue to provide certainty to the seafood sector, with funding available up to April 2025. The… Read more »

Cleaning Beaches Together in Dumfries and Galloway

Cleaning Beaches Together in Dumfries and Galloway. Beach clean volunteers, farmers and fishers have been working together to remove more than 5 tonnes of litter from some of the more difficult to reach bays. The Dumfries and Galloway coastline is long and varied and its many beaches are popular places to visit for bracing walks… Read more »

Nature of Scotland Awards 2022 Now Open

Nature of Scotland Awards 2022 Now Open. RSPB Scotland are seeking applications and nominations by Monday 30 May in 10 award categories from business, public sector organisations, research institutions, community groups and individuals who have been active in nature conservation across Scotland since March 2019. RSPB Scotland are proud to announce a new category the… Read more »

Low Tide Shore Walks at Allonby Start up Again

Low Tide Shore Walks at Allonby Start up Again. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, Ann Lingard is continuing her shore walks on the Solway coast. Ann will be showing groups of people what can be found on the shore within the Allonby Bay Marine Conservation Zone – ranging from the submerged forest (if it’s… Read more »

Job Vacancies with Marine Scotland

A range of job vacancies have become available with Marine Scotland. Marine Fish and Fisheries Scientist Marine Licensing and Consenting Casework Officer Marine Planning – Policy Officer Marine Planning – Senior Policy Officer Offshore Renewable Energy Projects Consenting Leader Senior Marine Mammal Scientist Stakeholder Engagement Delivery Lead Programme Management Officer Stakeholder Engagement Officer     

Job posts for Scottish East Coast Review

The Scottish East Coast Review (SEaCoR) is seeking a Project Officer and a Senior Project Officer. See the job description here; Job Description and Person Requirements SEaCoR. The Scottish East Coast Review brings together four Local Coastal Partnerships (LCPs) to gather, synthesise and enhance access to actionable knowledge of the current state and future needs… Read more »

World Seagrass Day

Happy World Seagrass Day! Seagrass is of vital importance to the marine environment and also provides us with a number of important ecosystem services. Here are some of the many benefits we gain from healthy seagrass beds;Seagrass roots help trap and stabilise seabed sediments, improving water quality and also helping buffer coastlines and reduce erosion…. Read more »