Volunteer for the C-side Project

The C-Side Carbon Storage Project is seeking volunteers for a salt marsh survey.

The NERC funded C-SIDE (Carbon Storage in Inter tidal Environments) project is looking into the importance of salt marshes in absorbing carbon dioxide to combat climate change.

C-SIDE is collecting lots of soil samples from salt marshes across England, Scotland and Wales. In the lab, they will measure how much of this soil is organic carbon (made up of things like roots and dead leaves) and then use the samples to go back in time – 12,000 years in fact – to see how carbon storage has changed since the Last Ice Age.

Though the project is covering as much of the British coastline as possible, they can’t do it on their own. They need Citizen Scientists to help! Here’s what volunteers are being asked to do:
1.    Head down to their nearest saltmarsh and follow instructions using the ‘Saltmarsh App’ to complete a simple plant and soil survey
2.    Collect nine small soil samples using equipment provided by post
3.    Return the samples to the project with a pre-paid envelope

You can find out more about the C-SIDE project here

If you are interested in taking part contact the project officer at cside@bangor.ac.uk and you will be sent out an information pack with instructions on how to carry out a survey. The survey doesn’t take long, and it’s a great way for people to explore their local salt marsh!