Upper Solway Flats and Marshes Special Protection Area (SPA) Extended

The Upper Solway Flats and Marshes Special Protection Area (SPA) has officially been extended and renamed the Solway Firth SPA.

SPA’s are designated under the EU Birds Directive.  The SPA has been designated in the inner Solway Firth for inshore non-breeding waterfowl and non-breeding gulls, and is an an important wintering grounds location.

The Solway Firth supports a large variety of bird species of European importance, with this newly extended and named Solway Firth SPA supporting five Annex I species, including Svalbard barnacle geese, and twenty-three migratory populations of European importance.

The habitats around the coast of the firth, and the characteristics of the Solway sea floor, and the other species in the inner firth help contribute to the popularity of the firth for a range of bird species, providing the necessary prey and conditions for them.

You can read about the announcement of new designated sites here.