Support for Scottish seafood industry worth £22.5 million

The announcement on Friday of a further £3.5 million to help large sea fishing vessels brings the total made available to the seafood industry by the Scottish Government from new and existing funds to £22.5 million.

The Government has used UK funding as well as existing Scottish budget to help meet the unique needs and circumstances of key sectors in the rural economy hit hard by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The over 12 metre fleet support scheme is open to businesses operating active Scottish registered and licensed vessels over 12 metres in overall length only, where a vessel made a minimum of £20,000 landings in 2019.

Grants will be made on the basis of three months equivalent of recurring fixed costs, excluding elements such as mortgages, interest, depreciation, crew costs and fishing gear repairs or purchases are not included in these costs. The fixed costs are based on data gathered by Seafish as part of their Annual Fleet Economic Surveys.

For full details visit the Scottish Government website