We are pleased to announce the SEAES and SEASS projects are now completed and the reports will soon be made available!

Throughout 2019 and the beginning of 2020 independent consultants EKOS have been undertaking two important projects known as SEAES and SEASS. These projects sought to form a Socio-economic Analysis of the English Solway (SEAES) and a Socio-economic Analysis of the Scottish Solway (SEASS). These reports are closely associated with our ongoing SMILE project but are each independent projects, creating a report output which will soon be made publicly available, providing recent socio-economic trends and data for each side of the Solway Firth.

Check out the one page summaries EKOS have created to give a very high level overview of the different sectors on the Scottish and English sides of the Solway. Click on the summary images to open PDF versions of the summaries.

There will be slightly longer, 2 page, summaries made available in addition to the full reports. As these reports are each over 100 pages long these summaries give an excellent overview of the sectors on the Solway.

EKOS have worked extremely hard over the course of these projects and we would like to extend our thanks for their hard work.