Rhins Revealed – Help with an Archaeological Dig!

Rhins Revealed – Help with an Archaeological Dig!

AOC Archaeology Group will lead a programme of consolidation work at Doon Castle Broch near Ardwell Bay, on the west coast of the Rhins from 6 to 18 June. Read more about the site here.

The broch is one of the most significant prehistoric settlements on the Rhins peninsula. Brochs are not common in the Iron Age settlement record south of the Clyde. There are at least two others in western Galloway, but Doon Castle is exceptional within its local context.

Although we refer to the site as a broch, it is in fact rather hard to categorise. Unusually, the building has two entrances while a standard broch has only one. There is no scarcement ledge (for supporting an upper storey) visible, nor is there evidence of a staircase within the thick walls, both of which we would expect to see in a broch. The structure is perhaps best interpreted as a local translation of the broch concept, adapted to local materials and local building styles.

The building is surrounded by huge quantities of rubble resulting from its collapse. Consequently, the layout of the broch is hard to make out.

Work at the broch will include the removal of rubble from key areas to improve access and interpretation, and consolidation in areas of collapse. The focus of our work is to consolidate and conserve the broch; we will not be excavating primary (e.g. archaeological) deposits.

Participation is free but places are limited. If you would like to take part in work at Doon Castle, please register via the online form: https://forms.office.com/r/QAWYg5V6rD