Orkney Island’s Delegated Regional Marine Planning Powers

Orkney is officially delegated the powers to create a regional marine plan in a Scottish Ministerial Direction released today!

The Delegation of Functions (Regional Marine Plan for the Scottish Marine Region for the Orkney Islands) Direction 2020 officially delegated these powers to the Orkney Islands Council.

This means the Orkney Islands is the third Scottish Marine Region to take forward regional marine planning, out of the eleven regions outlined in the Scottish Marine Regions Order 2015. Planning for the marine environment out to 12 nautical miles in regional marine plans seeks to form more local ownership of the marine space and plans tailored to specific issues or features of the region. These plans must be consistent with higher level plans such as the Marine Policy Statement, and Scotland’s National Marine Plan, being applied as an additional measure in addition to these plans.

The Orkney Isles follow the Shetland Isles, delegated in 2016, and the Clyde region, delegated in 2017.