Monitoring Survey for England’s Marine Plans

Monitoring Survey for England’s Marine Plans

The monitoring surveys are one method used to provide data on the use of the marine plans and to support the Marine Management Organisations’ (MMOs) understanding of the influence marine plan policies have in the decision-making process. Information shared with the MMO is used to support a three-yearly report to Parliament on the impact and effectiveness of marine plans.

The monitoring survey will benefit from your experience of using the marine plans and are the MMOs primary source of data collection to inform the monitoring and evaluation of marine plan use and impact.

Your time and effort in completing the monitoring survey is valuable to the MMO and they welcome your feedback by completing the monitoring survey here for the North West Marine Plans

Please submit completed monitoring surveys by 30 June 2023.

Alongside the surveys the MMO are running drop-in sessions to support stakeholders in completing the surveys. These sessions are open to all stakeholders, where marine planners will be available to run through questions or provide any assistance you may require.

If you are interested in attending a drop-in session please see MS Teams links, dates and times below:


Plan Area Date Time Link
NE 16th June 2 pm NE drop-in 1
27th June 10 am NE drop-in 2
NW 20th June 2 pm NW drop-in 1
28th June 10 am NW drop-in 2
E 9th June 10 am E drop-in 1
22nd June 2 pm E drop-in 2
S 20th June 10 am S drop-in 1
29th June 2 pm S drop-in 2
SE 13th June 10 am SE drop-in 1
23rd June 2 pm SE drop-in 2
SW 20th June 2 pm SW drop-in 1
26th June 9 am SW drop-in 2

Please let the MMO know if you’d like to receive a calendar appointment for a drop-in session. Contact the NW Marine Planner