Coastal Conversations Webinar – Archaeology on the Solway

Coastal Conversations Webinar – Archaeology on the Solway, at 6.30pm on Thursday 18 November 2021.

The Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Solway Firth Partnership are, once again, presenting a series of webinars that focus on cross border topics such as archaeology, marine wildlife, and salt.

Join us from the comfort of your living room for this online talk to find out about archaeology on both sides of the Solway Firth.

Speakers Mark Graham from Grampus Heritage and Graeme Cavers from AOC Archaeology Group will talk about their experience uncovering the past on the Solway and the range of different techniques used.

Mark Graham will focus on community archaeology on the Cumbrian Solway Coast, working with local volunteers from survey to excavation. For over 10 years Grampus Heritage have been working with local volunteers to undertake archaeological survey and excavation projects along the Cumbrian Solway Coast. Much of their research has focused on the Cistercian monastery of Holme Cultram and on the broader monastic landscape. Mark will present some of the key findings of their research and highlight the valuable contribution community archaeology can make to our understanding of the past.

Graeme Cavers will look at some recent archaeological recording projects in Dumfries and Galloway. Survey is an essential part of documenting our historic and archaeological sites for the purposes of conservation and monitoring the effects of climate change and coastal erosion, but also for the purposes of understanding, investigation and for posing new research questions. Graeme will look at some recent survey work on the north side of the Solway, and how community groups and professional organisations have collaborated on enhancing our archaeological records.

The speakers will talk for approximately 20mins each, followed by 15mins of questions.

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