Chef’s Session: Serving Sustainable Seafood

Chef’s Session: Serving Sustainable Seafood webinar hosted by Dumfries and Galloway
Sustainable Food Partnership

Webinar for chefs, restaurateurs and food businesses exploring sustainable food and the circular economy.

This session will focus on Sustainable Seafood.

Why is sourcing sustainable seafood important? How easy is it? What are the opportunities and challenges for better practice?


Grant Reekie is a sustainable seafood advocate for Open Seas. After building a cooking career out of a series of pop up dinners, supperclubs, and kitchen takeovers, Grant became interested in studying traditional Scottish food, via an MSc in gastronomy, and a dissertation on sustainable seafood in restaurants. After realising through this research how much Scotland has lost its connection to our own regional food, in which seafood once featured heavily, Grant was inspired to get involved in campaigning to get truly sustainable seafood back on the menu.

Nick Morris from the Station House Cookery School, Kirkcudbright is a passionate advocate of all things sustainable food. His ethos to food to create a business within the food and drink industry which is ethical and supportive of the local community and producers. Nick discovered a love of food and cooking as a teenager. After many decade in teaching, he combined his twin passions and opened the Cookery School in 2016.

Chaired by Clair McFarlan from the Solway Firth Partnership. As Partnership Manager for the past eight years and Project Officer with Solway Firth Partnership (SFP) for the previous three years, Clair has been involved with a wide range of marine and coastal projects. She believes that engagement with local communities on both sides of the Solway is particularly important to raise awareness of local issues such as sustainable seafood and as a trained facilitator has led projects looking at innovative ways to engage the public

Time for post presentation discussion and Q&A.

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