Buds in beautiful places – A call for help!

As we near the last week of the UK Government’s Public consultation on the proposals to ban the sale and distribution of plastic stemmed cotton buds in England Nurdle HQ want to have one last push to show those who are not yet convinced why we need this legislation.

The public have until the 3rd December to respond. Nurdle HQ want to show that these cotton buds are widespread across our coastline and we are asking for your help.

1. On your next trip to the beach, keep an eye out for a cotton bud or two (or, if your beach is like our local one, a thousand!) and take a picture.
2. Share on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #budsinbeautifulplaces
3. Add the link to the UK cotton bud consultation https://bit.ly/2yTo8vD
4. Tag us @greatnurdler
5. Ask your friends to do the same!

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