UK Saltmarsh Forum 2024 Comes to the Solway!

UK Saltmarsh Forum 2024 Comes to the Solway!

Join us on Wednesday 22 May to Thursday 23 May 2024 at the Easterbrook Hall, Crichton Campus, Dumfries.

The UK Saltmarsh Forum brings together policy makers, government agencies, academics, civil engineering companies, NGOs and business in to network, develop partnerships and hear about the latest developments and topics around UK saltmarshes.

Following the publication of the UK Blue Carbon Evidence Gaps statement, this year’s meeting will focus on evidence gaps, and will include themed sessions based around the evidence needs that emerged from a recent interagency meeting between NE, Daera, NatureScot and NRW.

Offers of presentations (15mins), flash talks (5 mins) or posters are welcome around four themes: Biodiversity, Carbon, Processes and threats and Society. There will be an on-line option. The link will follow with the final agenda.

  • The meeting will start 2pm 22nd May
  • The meeting will finish 1pm 23rd May
  • Optional field trip to WWT Caerlaverock with return to Dumfries train station 5pm on 23rd May.

Registration is free. Solway Firth Partnership are generously sponsoring this year’s event and providing teas, coffees, lunches, and conference dinner. The event will be part of the ambitious Solway Coast and Marine Pilot Project (SCAMPP). See below for more details on the project.

We have reserved rooms at the Holiday Inn on the Crichton Campus for conference delegates, and provided other options in Dumfries (see attached).

If you would like to attend please send the following details to Hannah Mossman

1. I will be attending in person / on-line
2. I would like to offer a i) presentation ii) flash talk iii) poster (please provide title and theme)
3. Dietary requirements are XYZ/ none
4. I will be attending the conference dinner on 22nd May YES / NO
5. I will be attending the field trip and require transport YES / NO
6. I would like a packed lunch on 23rd May for my homeward journey or field trip: YES / NO

Solway Firth Partnership, in partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Council, is currently planning the delivery of the ambitious Solway Coast and Marine Pilot Project (SCAMPP). It is looking at innovation in restoring, reinforcing, or expanding existing natural capital assets in the Solway Firth and creating a base and centre of expertise for ongoing restoration work in the Solway.  Following on from this initial pilot project we are hoping to roll out a 10 year programme of restoration work across the Solway. Read more about the SCAMP Project in the Winter 2023 Tidelines  Sign up for more news on SCAMP and other SFP projects from the homepage