Solway Photo Series Launched

The SMILE project is launching an exciting new photo submission section of the project on social media!

The SMILE project is looking for YOU to submit your images from around the Solway for inclusion in a special section of the new Solway Review. There are so many astonishingly talented amateur photographers around the Solway Firth who share their special view of the Solway Firth on social media and help connect others to the beauty, special places, and unique features of the Solway. This photo submission element of the SMILE project will allow the Review to showcase stakeholders images and their take on the Solway Firth.

There has never been a more important time to share your images of the Solway Firth to help connect those who cannot visit, due to COVID-19 restrictions, lockdown, or other reasons, to the coastal and marine area of the Firth.

We’re hoping to gather submissions which represent stakeholder views from around the Solway, all the way from St Bees Head to Cairnryan, and all/any aspect they want to represent. The submissions will form part of the Solway Review, so a range of submissions which cover the topics of the Review would be incredible to depict each topic as stakeholders see it impacting or interacting with themselves in or around the Solway Firth.

More information on the Solway Photo Series is available here.


Simply tag @solwaysmile on Twitter or Instagram, or @smilesolway on Facebook or send them to us via direct message on these platforms, and make clear that you are submitting an image for the series. Alternatively use the hashtag #solwaysmileproject in order to submit your image, again making it clear your intention to submit.

Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions for the Solway Photo Series, by submitting a photo you are confirming acceptance and agreement of these Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions for the Solway Photo Series are available here.