Significant Saltmarsh

A new report highlights the significance of saltmarsh in Scotland for trapping and storing carbon, and helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.

This new study used nationwide saltmarsh vegetation mapping and extensive saltmarsh soil property data to estimate the carbon stock of surface soils within Scotland’s saltmarsh.

The Scottish Solway has extensive saltmarsh habitat throughout the Firth and boasts four of the top seven largest saltmarshes in Scotland, with Caerlaverock, Wigtown, Kirkconnell Merse, and Priestside Bank. According to this report saltmarshes of Dumfries and Galloway hold the largest quantity of carbon of any of Scotland’s local authorities (41% of total Scottish surficial saltmarsh soil organic carbon stock).

The results from these findings will help to protect and manage Scotland’s saltmarshes. It will also contribute to the Scottish Government’s work to tackle biodiversity loss, and highlight the benefits of natural habitats to climate, people and biodiversity.

Read the report here;