Scottish Government Seeking Views on Refreshed Onshore Wind Policy Statement

Scottish Government is seeking views on a refreshed Onshore Wind Policy Statement.

Scottish Ministers published an Onshore Wind Policy Statement in 2017 and are now refreshing this statement in light of the binding net-zero commitment.

    1. The proposals being consulted on look at:

      • The Scottish Government’s commitment to deliver an additional 8 and 12gw of onshore wind to be installed through extension and repowering, and 5gw of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen to utilise the energy generated from onshore wind.

      • An approach which champions local energy as a vital part of a vibrant national energy network and our future energy mix, prioritising locally owned and shared ownership opportunities.
  • The co-location of technologies such as hydrogen electrolysers and electricity storage to support storage and local usage.
  • Community benefits, include promoting new revenue streams / long term investment in infrastructure by promoting opportunities for shared ownership.
  • Greater efforts to establish mutually beneficial collaboration, and development and agreement of high-level guidance for Radar and Noise.
  • The full consultation including the consultation questions can be viewed here
  1. The consultation closes on 26 January 2022.