Research into Gear in Scottish Inshore Creel Fishery

Research into Gear in Scottish Inshore Creel Fishery is being carried out.

St Andrew’s University is carrying out a research project to gather information on the use, recovery, and disposal of fishing gear within Scotland’s inshore creel fishery. To do they are asking commercial creel fishers to complete a short online survey which has been developed following concerns raised regarding the amount of fishing gear associated with this sector currently being deployed.

The aim is to gain further insights based on fishers own experiences at sea and views on this.

The survey is being conducted by the University of St Andrews and is completely anonymous. It takes approximately five minutes to complete and the information fishers choose to share will be used solely for academic purposes.

If you are a commercial creel fisher and would like to take part in the survey, please follow the link below. Participants will be able to opt into a prize draw to the value of £50.

Or if you would prefer to talk to the researchers direct or would like any more information, please contact