NWIFCA Consultation on Minimum Conservation Reference Size Byelaw

The NWIFCA have now opened a consultation on the minimum conservation reference size byelaw.

The byelaw, described in NWIFCA Byelaw 1 has been approved and made by the Authority. In accordance with Defra’s byelaw making process the Authority must now advertise the byelaw and provide a consultation period of 1 month before it can be signed by the Minister to bring it into force.

The byelaw prohibits the removal, transshipment, landing, transport storage and sale of fish below specified sizes for the main species caught within the NWIFCA District. Exceptions for commercial fishing for certain pelagic shoaling species and for herring caught with a correctly set whitebait filter net are defined.

For more information or if you wish to comment or object to the byelaw visit the NWIFCA website.

The consultation closes on Friday 5th March 2021.