Notice to Mariners of Port William Dredging Operations

Port William Harbour – Dredging Operations

To facilitate dredging in the main basin, excavators will be operating in Port William harbour 2 ½ hours either side of Low Water (LW) on the following tides:

MONDAY 18th February Low water @ 1710
TUESDAY 19th February LW @ 0528 & 1803
WEDNESDAY 20th February LW @ 0618 & 1852
THURSDAY 21st February LW @ 0704 & 1936
FRIDAY 22nd February LW @ 0747 & 2019
SATURDAY 23rd February LW @ 0828 & 2100

NB – despite the 2.5 hour window either side of LW, meteorological conditions may allow for the extension of the works on each dredging window. Times of operation are therefore subject to change.
The times given are for every available tide in the forthcoming dredging window. With favourable weather, operations should be concluded in 5-6 tides but in the event of delays, later tides will need to be used. This NtM will be cancelled as soon as operations are concluded.

Vessels should NOT berth alongside in Port William over Low Water during these times without permission from the Harbour Master.

For further information please contact the Regional Harbour Master on 07771 678824.

Status of previously published notices:
Please note the warnings/notices below are still live.

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Will Jones, Regional Harbour Master.