MMO Iteration 3 Marine Planning Workshops for the NW Marine Plan Areas

Places are quickly filling up at the MMO Iteration 3 Marine Planning workshops in the north west although there is still time to book your place.

The workshops will provide the ideal opportunity for you to check progress and input to the development of the plans. The engagement on Iteration 3 outputs will focus on:

• preferred draft policies;
• draft supporting text for policies including on implementation; and
• the next steps in marine planning.

The events for the North West are below. Click on the place name to register for the event.

NB: The workshops are full day events with lunch and refreshments provided. The workshops will all follow a similar structure, but with the main content (preferred draft policies and supporting text) being varied between marine plan areas. You are advised to register as soon as possible to guarantee your place.  As spaces at workshops are limited we would appreciate it if you would avoid holding places and only book for your chosen workshop in your preferred marine plan area.  All workshops will run from 9.30am – 4.00pm.

North west Carlisle Tullie House 27/02/19
North west New Brighton Floral Pavilion 28/02/19

To find out more please visit: or contact