New Live Bivalve Molluscs Impact Survey Launched by Marine Scotland

A new live bivalve molluscs impact survey has been launched by Marine Scotland.

A survey has been launched by Marine Scotland, to understand the impact of the barrier to trade in exporting Live Bivalve Molluscs (LBM’s) to the European Union or Northern Ireland.

Live Bivalve Molluscs, such as scallops, cockles, mussels and oysters, which have been harvested from either unclassified, or non-class A waters which cannot be verified by certifying officers, as fit for human consumption at the point of export, cannot be exported to the EU or NI, as there is a permanent barrier to trade, and cannot be provided with an EHC (This does not affect the export of part grown live bivalve molluscs to the EU for further ongrowing on aquaculture sites. The Fish Health Inspectorate will continue to issue certificates for this trade).

The survey, which runs until 16 April, goes through a series of questions to identify if your business could be affected by this barrier to trade. While we expect the impact to be small for the Scottish seafood industry there is a need to understand the scale of this issue.

The survey results will be used to provide Marine Scotland with a greater understanding of the scale this barrier to trade will have on Scottish businesses and inform any further considerations of appropriate mitigation.

Access the survey here

For further information or if you are having difficulties accessing the survey please email: and provide your company name and email address.