New Guidance on Seabass Measures

New Guidance has now been set on Seabass Measures.

Following the conclusion of fisheries negotiations between the UK and the EU, the MMO can now provide details on proposed changes relating to European Seabass.

Revised measures on vessels catching European Seabass are to be introduced on 30 July 2021, changing bycatch limits and introducing short-based netting bycatch.

These measures amend Article 10 (measures on European seabass fisheries) of Council Regulation (EU) 2020/123 and adjust the level of European seabass that may be caught as a by-catch in British fisheries limits.

Vessels and commercial fisheries from shore will not be permitted to fish for European seabass in ICES divisions 4b and 4C, and in ICES subarea 7. Retention, transhipment, relocation or landing of European seabass caught in this area is also prohibited.

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