Minister Pow delivers the keynote speech at Coastal Futures 2022

Minister Pow delivers the keynote speech at Coastal Futures 2022.

Some of the key points which came out of the speech included:

  • This year, the Defra Group will continue working towards our vision of clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse seas, which are used sustainably.

Fisheries Management Plans will continued to be developed, working in partnership with stakeholders. Today, together with the devolved administrations, the government are launching a public consultation on the Joint Fisheries Statement to help deliver world-class sustainable fisheries and aquaculture management and that sets out how they propose to deliver the eight Fisheries Objectives.

A £100 million UK Seafood fund has been launched, with £24 million of investment to develop technology, trial new gear and support world-class research to improve the productivity and long-term sustainability of the industry.

Innovation in the UK’s world-leading offshore wind industry is transforming coastal communities and means the ocean will play an even greater role in getting to net zero.

Defra is learning from the Stop Sea Blasts Campaign. They have demonstrated how unexploded ordnance can be cleared in a much quieter way than the traditional technique of detonation, which is incredibly noisy and can impact on our whales and dolphins.

Defra is leading a cross-government programme of work to consider marine spatial prioritisation.

As the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development begins, the UK is embarking on a £140 million flagship science innovation programme, the Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment Programme.

Work will be continued on ensuring the network of Marine Protected Areas are effectively protected. Now that the UK has left the EU, the MMO has used new powers to develop byelaws for four offshore sites and they are in the process of being finalised. These byelaws will prevent damaging fishing activity from taking place.

There will also be a formal consultation on potential Highly Protected Marine Area sites, which will have the highest protection in our seas.

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