Join the Volunteer Work Party to Repair the Clay Dabbin at RSPB Campfield Reserve

Meet at RSPB Campfield Reserve on Thursday 11 July from 10.00am to 3.00pm

This week the Solway Coast AONB Volunteer Group are carrying out a number of items of maintenance on the Clay Dabbin at RSPB Campfield:

  •  – Cleaning and painting the interior display boards
    – Chipping of the render on one of the exterior walls (the render has failed on the weather wall and is being reapplied, we will be back to limewash the building later this summer)
    – Thorough clean and wash down of the interior and windows
  •  – We may also join the RSPB volunteers for a little ragwort pulling whilst waiting for paint to dry!

For more information please contact Chris
or call 016973 33055