Happy World Ocean Day 2021

World Ocean Day in the Solway

Visit the World Ocean Day Playlist

Solway Firth Partnership won’t let World Ocean Day 2021 pass by without celebrating. We have gathered lots of videos to entertain and inform you this World Ocean Day. So you can celebrate the Solway whether you can visit the coast or not.

We have videos delving into the SMILE project and Solway Review, marine invasive non-native species monitoring, the Rhins of Galloway coast path, cleaning up the coast, wildflowers, lichens, place names and nature, the Solway inspiration for poems, and so much more.

In addition to many videos made by Solway Firth Partnership, groups, organisations and so many others have provided a stunning range of content for this playlist. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed content for World Ocean Day, and we encourage you to explore more work that these groups, individuals and others do for the Solway Firth and if you want to get involved links and information are provided in the video descriptions.

World Ocean Day falls on a Tuesday this year, but no need to worry about fitting events around work or school, the YouTube playlist will be available for you to view whenever is best for you on June 8 and beyond. This playlist can also be shared far and wide, meaning you don’t need to be physically on the Solway coast to enjoy the Solway this World Ocean Day.

The playlist is now publicly available on Solway Firth Partnership’s YouTube channel.

Browse, watch, learn and enjoy the Solway this World Ocean Day.