Get Ready for the Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2023

Get Ready for the Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2023.

Join FEDRA from 1- 31 October for the world’s biggest nurdle hunt!

Take part and join thousands of volunteers across the world gathering evidence, raising awareness and calling for an end to nurdle pollution! Anyone can take part, whether you are an individual or an organisation.

You can make an impact this Great Global Nurdle Hunt by:

  • Taking part in a nurdle hunt or organise one for your network
  • Sharing your nurdle hunt on social media to help raise awareness
  • Signing up to our directory to help build a global network of NGOs working together on solutions
  • Using the results from the Great Global Nurdle Hunt to call on decision makers to address nurdle pollution

If you are new to nurdle hunting, find out how to hurdle hunt here and join the webinar on 20th September.