Final SEASS and SEAES Reports Now Available

Throughout 2019 and the beginning of 2020 independent consultants EKOS have been undertaking two important projects known as SEASS and SEAES. These projects sought to form a Socio-economic Analysis of the Scottish Solway (SEASS) and a Socio-economic Analysis of the English Solway (SEAES). These projects are separate, each being funded individually through the European Maritime Fisheries Fund in Scotland and England respectively.

These reports are closely associated with our ongoing SMILE project but are each independent projects, creating a report output providing recent socio-economic trends and data for each side of the Solway Firth. These reports will help populate the ‘Productive’ section of the new Solway Review.

We gave you the exciting news at the beginning of April that the SEASS and SEAES reports have now been finished and gave you a sneak peak at the one page summaries EKOS has created.

Well if you thought that was exciting…there’s MORE!

We have now published the full SEASS and SEAES reports as well as the chapter summaries!

All of the SEASS and SEAES report documents are available here, including the full reports, chapter summaries, and one page summaries!