Solway Coast is Clear Project

The ambition of Solway Firth Partnership (SFP) is to have over 200 miles of cleaner coastline in Dumfries and Galloway. So we need to find innovative solutions to the problem of plastics on our amazing shoreline. We are investigating a targeted approach to remove and reuse plastics and contribute to the circular economy.

The aim of the Solway Coast iClear Project was to research and report on innovative solutions to removing; recycling / repurposing litter from historic litter sinks (places where marine debris has built up over a number of years) on the Dumfries and Galloway Coast. This was to be achieved through research and fact-finding trips to other areas of Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.  

The visits were made to the Plastic@Bay Project in Durness, the Clean Coasts Programme in Dublin and the government on the Isle of Man.  The Irish project and Isle of Man government were chosen because of the Irish Sea connection to Dumfries and GallowayLitter that is deposited on D&G coasts has generally originated from within the Irish Sea and the countries surrounding it so there were plans to discuss the common issue with our partners and learn from each other.  The Plastic@Bay Project is a community project researching ways to recycle and upcycle fishing nets and ropes discarded on local beaches. 

Isle of Man coast

The total cost of the Solway Coast is Clear Project was funded through the LEADER Cooperation Fund with the final spend being £5,000. 

This was a highly successful project. We were able to incorporate a diverse group of interested individuals visiting some inspirational projects. Although all three visits had similar expectations, each of them turned out to be very different learning experiences. It was useful to see projects at diverse stages of development and scale. Including projects with different levels of Central and Local Authority support.

Find out more in this short presentation or read the full report on the Solway Coast is Clear Cooperation Project_Final Report