A Walk along Loch Ryan Shore with a Difference!

A walk along Loch Ryan shore with a difference.

Our friends at the SCAPE Trust are planning a short visit to Loch Ryan (Wig Bay to Leffnoll Point) to do a couple of days of coastal survey work in early August and are keen to involve volunteers.

The SCAPE Trust https://scapetrust.org/  is looking for volunteers in the Stranraer area to join them in coastal heritage surveys of Loch Ryan between 8-13 August.

The walks will cover two stretches between Wig Bay and Leffnoll Point. Each walk is around 6-8km over varying terrain. During the walks we will be updating records of known archaeological sites and hopefully discovering new ones. If you are local to these areas and familiar with any aspect of the history of these coasts SCAPE would love to hear from you. All are very welcome, and no previous experience needed.

For further information New CoastArch Surveys – The SCAPE Trust please get in touch with Joanna at jh105@st-andrews.ac.uk.