Jan 20, 2016

Consultation on possible Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) for harbour porpoise

A number of marine areas around the UK are under consideration as possible Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) for harbour porpoise.


SACs are areas of land or sea identified as being of European importance for the conservation of biodiversity. Under the EU Habitats and Species Directive 1992 all EU member states are required to designate SACs and put in place measures to ensure the conservation of the habitats and species for which the sites are designated.

The current consultation for the network of harbour porpoise SACs includes the North Channel possible SAC.

Full details of these proposals and the consultation response form, along with details of the sites undergoing consultation by NRW, are available on the JNCC website:

The purpose of this consultation is to seek the view of all interested parties on:


  • The scientific case for the designation of the possible harbour porpoise SACs; and
  • The assessment of the likely economic and social impact of the designation of the sites


The information provided in support of the consultation includes:


Consultation paper: explaining what the consultation is about and how to respond to it;
Site identification reports: information on the data analysis and reasons why we consider these areas to be eligible for designation as SACs;

Site information: maps of the proposed site boundaries and site specific information;
Supporting technical information: draft conservation objectives, advice on activities for the sites;
Assessments of the potential regulatory impact: concerning the potential social and economic effect of the designations;
Common questions: some questions and answers surrounding the process; and
There are also links to background reports.

The decision on whether to designate SACs is made by UK Ministers with Ministers in the devolved Governments being responsible in their respective waters. No decisions have yet been made in relation to these sites. We are carrying out this consultation on behalf of the Governments and will report the results of the consultation to them.


If you have any questions about this consultation not answered in the information mentioned above, please email the team at or call JNCC on 01733 562626 and ask for the Marine Species Advice Team.

In order for your views to be formally considered, responses to the consultation must be made in writing and include the requested personal details and information. You can respond using our online response form by clicking here where you may submit your views and information, as well as attachments for consideration. If you are unable to use the form, submissions may also be made via email or letter, however online responses are preferred and anything submitted via other means must contain the appropriate supporting information. Full details of how to respond are on the web pages and in the consultation paper.

All responses to the consultation must be received by midnight on Tuesday 19 April 2016, which is when the consultation period ends.

Solway Firth Partnership