Jan 7, 2016

Review of the report 'Marine Invasive Non-Native Species in the Solway' now complete

The first Biosecurity Plan for the Solway was produced by Solway Firth Partnership in 2013 following stakeholder consultation in 2012.  A review of that plan is now complete.


The vision of the plan remains ‘To establish a sustainable framework for preventing, detecting and controlling marine invasive non-native species within the Solway Firth Partnership area through appropriate management, data collection, liaison and education.’


The mid-term review of the plan provided an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the last 2 years - production of an ID guide for the Solway and a monitoring trial at Silloth Harbour - along with a look at the actions which are still required for the future.  Two species have been added to the list of INNS present in the Solway - the American lobster and the Japanese skeleton shrimp - a reminder that we need to remain vigilant for new species.  


The newly reviewed and revised Biosecurity Plan for the Solway can be downloaded here


Or for more infomation about Marine Invasive Non-Native Species in the Solway click here

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