Jan 7, 2016

Marine Strategy Part Three: UK Marine Programme of Measures is now Published

The Marine Strategy Part Three: UK Programme of Measures is now published. It sets out a comprehensive set of existing and planned measures that will help to achieve Good Environmental Status (GES) in our seas by 2020.


It is the final part of the UK Marine Strategy which also includes, in Parts One and Two, our targets, indicators and the monitoring programmes that will be used to assess progress towards GES.  Developed in conjunction with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and other UK Administrations, the Programme of Measures covers all UK seas. It will help us to achieve the UKs vision for “clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas’.


The UK Marine Strategy covers each of the 11 MSFD descriptors. These relate to biological diversity, non-indigenous species, commercially exploited fish and shellfish, food webs, human-induced eutrophication, sea floor integrity, hydrographical conditions, contaminants, contaminants in fish and other seafood, marine litter and introduction of energy (including underwater noise).


Marine Scotland (MS) would like to thank stakeholders for their contributions to the public consultation which ran from 30 January – 24 April 2015.  Over 3000 responses were received and MS have used these to refine and clarify the Programme of Measures.  A summary of the consultation responses as well as the Government response to the consultation can be found on the websiteMSFD Programme of Measures


Further information about MSFD is available on the Scottish Government website:

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