Dec 21, 2015

Join the Great Nurdle Hunt!

Nurdles are small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. Countless billion are used each year to make nearly all our plastic products but many end up washing up on our shores.


Spills and mishandling by industry can mean nurdles end up at sea. Our planets oceans are now accumulating nurdles in worryingly large numbers.


Unlike large pieces of plastic marine litter, nurdles are so small that they go largely unnoticed. However scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about their effect on our delicate marine ecosystem.


The Facts:-


Nurdles attract and concentrate background pollutants like DDT and PCBs to highly toxic levels.


Nurdles do not go away – like other plastic over time they just fragment into smaller and smaller plastic particles.


Like other plastics nurdles are mistaken for prey by many marine animals and seabirds and enter the food chain.


We need your help to find out how widespread nurdle pollution is around the Solway.


New nurdles are washing up on our shores but we don't have detailed evidence of where they are coming from or how widespread the problem is. Findings from The Great Nurdle Hunt will help us show the local plastics industry the extent of the nurdle pollution on our shores. 


So please visit your local beach and join the Great Nurdle Hunt!


For more information on the Great Nurdle Hunt visit the website by clicking here


Please note that although the Great Nurdle Hunt website focusses on Scotland Solway Firth Partnership are interested in findings across the whole of the Solway so please send any findings in Cumbria to 

Solway Firth Partnership