Nov 10, 2015

The Blue New Deal initiative

Since the launch in September 2015, the New Economics Foundation's (NEF) Blue New Deal initiative has made a lot of progress: working towards good jobs and economic sustainability for coastal communities through a healthier coastal and marine environment.


The Blue New Deal initiative aims to open a conversation with coastal communities to share ideas and plan development in their areas which will deliver better value to them and to wider society. The great vision of the Blue New Deal covers five broad areas for discussion:


- sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
- renewable energy
- coastal tourism and related activities
- innovative approaches to coastal management
- opportunities to re-connect people with nature

Further to this, at the end of November the Blue New Deal initiative will be hosting a cross-party parliamentary briefing at Westminster. This briefing is an opportunity to continue to engage with policy makers, in particular coastal MPs, who share similar challenges and opportunities in the UK coast. The initiative will be looking to help strengthen cross-party efforts to support coastal communities and the marine environment.


All actors involved will be contributing to working groups through which an action plan covering fisheries and aquaculture, energy, tourism and coastal management will be co-developed. The initial meetings for the action plan will produce the very first draft, which will be launched in summer/autumn 2016. Throughout the next months, the Blue New Deal initiative will continue to engage with wider networks across the UK to refine and develop these ideas, incorporating as much as possible the many voices and interests in our coast.



Finally, the initiative is showcasing a number of positive stories from the UK coast already taking place – proof that change is possible. One of the featured success stories is the Portpatrick Harbour Community Benefit Society on the Solway shore who has just recently taken ownership of their harbour by raising £100,00 over the course of only two months. Read more about Portpatrick or any of the other inspiring projects from around the UK coastline here.


You can take part by submitting your story of good practice to the Blue New Deal website and by linking to NEF on Twitter @NEF or Facebook.

Solway Firth Partnership