Oct 7, 2015

Loch Ryan WW2 Video Making

Following a survey of the remains of the flying boat base in March 2015, young people from Apex Stranraer teamed up with the RAF Wig Bay generation to make a film about the history of the flying boat base and its stories.


Set up in 1942, this was Britain’s main wartime base for the maintenance of flying boats. It specialised in converting American-built Catalinas to RAF standards and in servicing other flying boats, including the enormous Sunderlands, which were to play a vital role in convoy protection during the Battle of the Atlantic. After the end of the war, the base remained in use until 1957; servicing, testing, and ultimately scrapping the now-redundant machines.



The film team explored the remains of the site, filmed the base and interviewed participants. Two teams competed to create their films, carrying out interviews, learning to use the cameras and equipment, and editing their footage.  A preview of the films can be found here.

Implementing the Loch Ryan Management Plan, Solway Firth Partnership has recently installed interpretation panels, public view binoculars and a improvements to the lookout points around the Loch as well as a publication highlighting 'great places to bird watch & explore'

Solway Firth Partnership