Jan 20, 2014


A mysterious Monster has emerged at Red Haven beach, Auchencairn, thanks to the beach cleaning efforts of local volunteers.

Created by Alice Francis as part of the Making the Most of the Coast initiative, the Monster was inspired by the issues of unsightly marine litter, particularly durable plastic, washed up on the strandline, which can be dangerous for people and wildlife. 


A frame or skeleton of driftwood bound together with discarded rope is covered by plastic of all shapes and sizes collected by volunteers along the 200 miles of coastline in Dumfries and Galloway. Drilled, knotted, netted and fastened, the plastic takes on a new life to provide monstrous details built over the weeks leading up to The Environmental Arts Festival Scotland. This huge Solway Sea Monster made from found plastics is a symbol of Consumerism consumed, but was reduced to a tangled strand line by the power of the sea during recent storms. The debris has now been collected and is being sorted so that it can be sent to a plastic recycling facility operated by BPI in Dumfries.

Solway Firth Partnership