Nov 18, 2014

Drop in and share your WW2 stories, memories and photos about the Wig and Loch Ryan

Solway Firth Partnership, D & G Council, Kirkcolm Community Council & the SCAPE Trust invite you to drop in and share your WW2 stories, memories and photos about the Wig and Loch Ryan. 

Come along on Thursday 4 December 2014 between 2pm – 4pm at Kirkcolm Public Hall, Church Road, Kirkcolm, Stranraer, DG9 0NN or between 5.00pm – 7pm at Stranraer Library, 2 – 10 North Strand Street, Stranraer, DG9 7LD.

SCAPE is a charity that seeks to research, conserve and promote the archaeology of Scotland's coast. The Trust is especially interested in remains that are threatened by coastal erosion. 

SCAPE visited Loch Ryan in May 2013 and took a group of volunteers out to look at local coastal archaeology at risk.   They recognised the importance of WW2 activity in the area, including the flying boat base and the Wig Bay camp, to the local community and chose the site to carry out this project.

The first step in the project is to gather available material, both from the local community at the event on the 4 December in Kirkcolm and Stranraer, and from archives (the museum and the SMR).  After gathering photos of the base from the 1940s and 1950s during the community drop-in and information gathering day (hopefully the local community will be able to share lots of nice original photographs) SCAPE will then visit the site and photograph it to recreate the same views. Then they will combine the original photo and the modern shot of the same scene in Photoshop or a similar programme. Any recordings of reminiscences and memories collected would make a great soundtrack over a video of the images. The other aspect of the work will be to carry out a condition survey of the surviving features which would involve archaeological recording and photography.

The fieldwork and recording will take place in the first part of 2015. SCAPE hopes to work with local people with an interest in the project as well as existing local groups and societies such as Stranraer and District Local History Trust.

It is hoped that the information and photos gathered at the event in December will be suitable for use on the interpretation panel which will be erected at the Wig as part of the artist-led community work on site.

Solway Firth Partnership