Jul 3, 2018

SEPA Consults on Potentially Vulnerable Areas

SEPA is seeking public views on Potentially Vulnerable Areas (PVAs) for Flood Risk Management in Scotland. 


The consultation runs until 31 July 2018, and SEPA would like your views.


Potentially Vulnerable Areas (PVAs) are where significant flood risk exists now or is likely to occur in the future. They are part of the National Flood Risk Assessment process, and help Scotland to understand and prioritise where work could benefit the most. They are a vital part of protecting people, properties, businesses, communities, infrastructure and our environment.


Since 2011, when PVAs were first identified, SEPA and their partners have been working hard to improve data and methods of flood risk assessment. As a result they now have new information. This has resulted in changes to the PVAs, which SEPA want public opinion on, to check they’ve got it right.


For more information and to take part in the consultation click here

Solway Firth Partnership