Jun 11, 2018

Update on Rare Mammoth Bone Found on Loch Ryan

Experts from the National Museum of Scotland have now confirmed Rare Mammoth Bone Find.

The mystery bone found by Nic Coombey, Solway Coastwise Coordinator, on a beach at Loch Ryan has been identified by experts from the National Museum of Scotland as most likely being part of a femur belonging to a Woolly Mammoth.


Mammoth Bone Find


Mammoth species roamed the steppes of North America and Western Europe from about 100,000 and 14,000 years ago. The almost total glaciation of Scotland means mammoth remains are rarely found although tusks and teeth have been recorded at about 10 locations.


Only one bone has been recorded in the 1800s but the bone and details about it have since been lost making the new find the only existing bone found in Scotland.


The priority is to conserve the bone and test it to see if it can reveal any further information about Woolly Mammoths in Scotland.

Solway Firth Partnership