Jun 4, 2018

Stage 1 Report on the Scottish Crown Estate Bill Published

The Scottish Crown Estate has just published their Stage 1 Report on how the assets will be managed in Scotland.


The Scottish Crown Estate Bill sets the framework for the long-term management of the Crown Estate in Scotland. The Bill follows on from the Smith Commission recommendationsi the Scotland Act 2016 and devolution of the management of the Scottish Crown Estate to the Scottish Parliament. The Bill identifies who can become a manager of a Crown Estate asset, how management can be devolved within Scotland and what the remit of the new managers could be.


In line with the recommendations of the Smith Commission, the Bill provides for the devolution of Scottish Crown Estate assets including, but not limited to, rural estates, mineral and fishing rights, urban assets, the seabed and foreshore. The Bill also provides for further devolution, and for a Crown Estate Scotland asset to be managed by a Local Authority, public body or a community organisation.


The management of the Scottish Crown Estate was devolved on 1 April 2017 through:


• The Crown Estate Transfer Scheme 2017 (to transfer management) and;

• The Crown Estate (Interim Management) Order 2017 (to establish a new interim body to manage the Scottish Crown Estate).


The Bill seeks to recognise a different ethos in Scotland and so moves beyond a focus on profitability, to encompass other factors such as regeneration, social wellbeing, environmental wellbeing and sustainable development when considering how an asset should be managed. The Committee welcomes this approach.


While the Committee is broadly supportive of the general principles of the Bill, it makes a number of recommendations in relation to the drafting of the Bill and in relation to what is included and what is to be left to further regulation and guidance. The Delegated Powers and Law Reform (DPLR) Committee also made a number of recommendations, with which the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee agrees.


The key issues considered by the Committee can be accessed in the full report by clicking here.

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